As a management team, you don’t need online training software.

You need a way to get the right knowledge in the heads of your
employees effectively and efficiently.

“It’s hard for me to have confidence in my people when I don’t know if they received the training they need, or know what they should, to be successful.”

Stop stressing. Get the insights you need.

Find Out If Authica is Right For Your Business
“I wish I had a better way of holding my team accountable for following the processes and procedures I know they have been taught.”

Enforce a higher standard.
Create an accountability loop you can rely on.

Find Out If Authica is Right For Your Business
“It’s never easy to find answers to the questions I have. If my peers and managers would just document what they know and make it available to the rest of the company, we would all be more efficient.”

Break the cycle.
Get your knowledge in motion.

Find Out If Authica is Right For Your Business

Key Ingredients of a Successful LMS

Authica™ is a simple, engaging and insightful learning management system that facilitates knowledge transfer and retention. Through our platform, the knowledge employees need to succeed in their role, and ultimately drive your business objectives, is just a click away.

Knowledge Management

Quickly document key knowledge areas. Build your “to know” list easily, and manage changing knowledge bases in a centralized system. Plan, prioritize, and create in one simple workflow.


Break knowledge into bite-size lesson content to increase comprehension and retention. Reinforce learnings by pairing lessons with quizzes. Tag content by who needs to know it, and get that content into the right hands with the push of a button.


In minutes, create a dynamic LMS that makes it easy for users to learn what they want to learn, and for managers to teach what they want to teach. Use points, badges and leaderboards to recognize individual participation and boost overall engagement.

Tracking and Reporting

Know who knows what across your business in real time. Track the absorption of new content, identify rock stars, and see where more education is needed using the Team Management dashboard.

The right info to the right people, now.

Authica™ LMS is fast and easy.

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