Our Approach

The Authica™ Learning Management System (LMS) represents an evolution in the way businesses manage their most important asset: company knowledge.

Authica™ allows companies to document their key knowledge quickly, create bite-size content with ease, and make that knowledge available to their teams in such a way that it can be easily found and retained.

With Authica™, company leaders can manage knowledge efficiently in real-time, and alway know who in their company knows what. Companies grow faster, are more aligned, see increased employee engagement, and are more agile with Authica™.

Humans are amazing. We can do nearly anything our minds are set to, so long as we know what that is.

Most organizations struggle to disperse key knowledge across their organizations.

Why is Authica™ so effective? There are five reasons:

Document knowledge areas quickly be that company handbooks, operational procedures, policies, case studies and history, or news and must-know information.

Create bite-size content making it easy to create, easy to manage, easy to locate, and easy to absorb.

Boost knowledge retention from under 10% to up to 90%by pairing each content piece with a brief quiz.

Increase engagement and build a culture of learning with points, badges, levels and leaderboards (gamification) incorporated directly into the LMS experience.

See who knows what across the organization by using dashboards. Insights from these dashboards allow managers to quickly understand where additional training might be necessary, track employee learning, and create more robust accountability loops within teams.