Authica™ makes it easy for users to learn what they want to learn. It also makes it easy for managers to teach what they want to teach. With Authica, it’s all about getting everyone on the same page.

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Define “user groups” based on common roles and priorities ex. for departments, teams, and business units.


Create categories to organize knowledge in a logical and hierarchical structure.


Create and assign content “tags” or labels to easily filter, manage, and work with your knowledge.


Design badges, point structures, and leaderboards to recognize the achievements that matter most for your business.


Customize your system’s settings to demand a level of comprehension that reflects your organization's values.



Transform knowledge into content lessons within one simple system.


Suggest learning paths by grouping numerous lessons into flexible course frameworks.


Highlight and reinforce key learnings by creating simple quizzes for individual lessons.


Transition online learning into the real-world by pairing offline challenges with individual lessons.


Develop comprehensive exams to test and gauge learning retention across multiple lessons or categories.

Companies who offer eLearning generate about 26% more revenue per employee – and they are 46% more likely to be the leader in their industry.

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LMS Environment

Launch your pre-designed learning environments complete with categories, lessons, courses, and exams to select user groups with the click of a button.

Automated Messaging

Trust that your employees will be kept in the loop and engaged via a variety of automated messages.

Learners recall 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see visually and 90% of what they do themselves, even virtually.

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Award user’s points for a variety of activities from completing exams and participating in forum discussions, to offline achievements.


Present users with badges through preset triggers or manually via an administrator account.


Inspire healthy competition with the help of leaderboards. You decide whether ranking are by individual or team.


Encourage feedback on lesson content and key learnings.


Provide a platform to facilitate discussion and debate where the information is forever accessible.


Share specific lessons with other users within the system - they’ll be notified the next time they login.



View a complete summary of individual progress across the system and at a glance, understand what work is still left to be done.


Gauge team engagement, comprehension, and progress. Identify top and low performers with ease.


Get a play by play of system, team and user activity. Authica feeds you the data you want in real time.


Find out what your LMS is missing. Receive instant notifications when users submit suggestions and requests.

Companies who use eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%.

See how at a glance insights drive better employee and team management.

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Operate and Optimize


Limit system access based on employee’s responsibilities and accountabilities.

Manager and Admin Dashboards

Get the information you need at a glance. From progress leaders to popular content, Authica dashboards keep you in the know.

Content Edits

Edit content on the fly and deploy changes to the LMS environment instantly.

Analytics and Reporting

Dig into your systems data with Authica’s reporting functions.

Authica is a cloud based platform accessible everywhere your employees are on the go. Our unique setup process means your LMS can stand alone in your own branded environment. See for yourself how fast and simple Authica™ makes LMS.

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